Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Startup Support Program specializing in Drug design and medical startups

Evolve Drug design Startup Ecosystem in Tokyo to Global

This project aims to build an ecosystem that continuously generates role models for startups in the drug design and medical area to accelerate open innovation through industry-academia-government collaboration, leveraging Tokyo's strengths as a center of drug design companies, support organizations, and investors, and to make the ecosystem operate self-driven.

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In cooperation with private sectors and external stakeholders with expertise in supporting startups in the drug design and medical fields, Tokyo Metropolitan Government will widely utilize their knowledge and resources to overcome issues such as fund raising, business strategy, and R&D, while aiming to strengthen, promote, and make the startup ecosystem in this field self-driven.



Private companies that work with TMG to strengthen, promote, and self-organize the startup ecosystem in the drug design and medical fields.
Startup Supporters:
VC/financial institutions, universities, research institutions, large companies, incubators/accelerators, and other professionals with expertise in the drug design and medical fields.
A group or state in which drug design /medical startups and startup supporters are closely connected to each other as the core of the ecosystem.

Past Initiatives

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Past Participants Introduction of past BBT program participants

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BBT Supporters Startup Supporters promoting BBT initiatives

BBT supporters are experts in various fields of drug discovery and medicine, and they support the creation of startups in the same field, through mentoring startups and participating as speakers in training programs.
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Applications and inquiries for this project should be directed to the following office of secretariat.
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Tokyo Metropolitan Government, drug design and Medical Startup Support Project
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