Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Startup Support Program specializing in Drug design and medical startups

Evolve Drug design Startup Ecosystem in Tokyo to Global

This project aims to build an ecosystem that continuously generates role models for startups in the drug design and medical area to accelerate open innovation through industry-academia-government collaboration, leveraging Tokyo's strengths as a center of drug design companies, support organizations, and investors, and to make the ecosystem operate self-driven.

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A promoter has been selected to support the formation of an ecosystem for the "Pharmaceutical and Medical Startup Support Program"!
The secretariat will share the questions and answers from other applicants with pre-entried applicants via e-mail(The secretariat will pay attention not to be indentified those who made question). Please pre-entry if you are keen to recieve those information, and it is open even after November 15.The same information will also be available on our website after November 28. Please check the information on our website if you will not pre-entry.
This project has started accepting applications of the Project promoters from Friday, November 4th, 2022! (Deadline: December 5th, 2022)


In cooperation with private sectors and external stakeholders with expertise in supporting startups in the drug design and medical fields, Tokyo Metropolitan Government will widely utilize their knowledge and resources to overcome issues such as fund raising, business strategy, and R&D, while aiming to strengthen, promote, and make the startup ecosystem in this field self-driven.



Private companies that work with TMG to strengthen, promote, and self-organize the startup ecosystem in the drug design and medical fields.
Startup Supporters:
VC/financial institutions, universities, research institutions, large companies, incubators/accelerators, and other professionals with expertise in the drug design and medical fields.
A group or state in which drug design /medical startups and startup supporters are closely connected to each other as the core of the ecosystem.

Open for application of Promoters

In this project, the private sectors will be selected through open offering as the Promoters who will cooperate with Tokyo Metropolitan Government to strengthen, promote and make the startup ecosystem self-driven in the drug design and medical fields.
In cooperation with private sectors with expertise in building an ecosystem and Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Promoter will provide multiple supports in business, fund raising and networking to startups and research teams in the drug design and medical fields for 3years. This project aims to make the startup ecosystem in the drug design and medical fields in Tokyo.

Contents of Support

Support by Promoters (planned)

In this project, Tokyo Metropolitan Government will conclude an agreement with a promoter who will be responsible for project management, strengthening, promoting, and self-starting the startup ecosystem in the drug design and medical fields, and providing support to startups in the fields.
drug design and medical startups will receive mentoring, networking, and other support from the promoter and other support providers invited by the promoter. Through regular progress sharing and mentoring, the drug design and medical startups will be able to receive advice and other support that will contribute to their business growth.

Payment of Agreement

Tokyo Metropolitan Government will cover the promoter a performance-based fee for the results of the efforts made by the promoter in cooperation. The KPI Evaluation Committee will evaluate the achievement of the KPIs set by the promoters and the results of the project as a whole, and the amount of the agreement payment will alternate in conjunction with the evaluation. The maximum amount of the agreement fee is 50 million yen for the first year and 70 million yen (tentative) for the following second and third years.

Past Initiatives

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For initiatives from previous years, please click here.(Only Japanese)

ENTRY エコシステム形成支援者(プロモーター)募集概要

In this project, Tokyo Metropolitan Government will call for proposals from businesses to support startups in scaling up, discovering seeds, promoting investment, securing resources, and enhancing the support environment for open innovation, etc.

Application Requirements

The following requirements will be considered for the application.
It is possible for multiple businesses to form a joint venture and apply, but in that case, a representative business entity should be determined and the representative business entity should submit the application. (In such cases, the agreement fee will be paid to the representative business entity.)

  • For-profit private sectors such as a joint stock company, partnership company (general partnership company, limited partnership company, limited liability company), and professional business(audit firm, or legal firm).
    NPO, General Incorporated Association, General Incorporated Foundation
    And other business entities that are acknowledged by TMG


From Friday, November 4, 2022 to Noon Monday, December 5, 2022

Selection Process

The screening will be conducted in two stages: document review and presentation review by a panel of experts. The presentation review will be held in mid-December (tentative) for applicants who have passed the document review only. Details will be provided separately to applicants.

  • First round of screening (written documents): Early December
  • Second round of screening (presentation): Mid-December (tentative)
  • Notification of results: late December (tentative).


Applications and inquiries for this project should be directed to the following office of secretariat.
(Not be able to respond to any inquiries regarding the screening process or results of the screening.)

Tokyo Metropolitan Government, drug design and Medical Startup Support Project
Phone: +81-3-6213-1251

Team Tokyo Innovation for All the STARTUPs